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Po is the adopted son of a goose who runs a pan noodle cart. Po aspires to be a Kung Fu master. His father tries to push him into the noodle business and Po grudgingly tags along. After a series of mishaps in which Po's only goal was to see who the dragon warrior would be , Po is selected. The crowd is in disbelief as is Po and the other warriors. Over time Po trains to learn Kung Fu, but is incapable of performing the simplest of tasks.However, when Oogway presumably dies(he has returned in the legends of awesomeness in a cameo), Shifu is told to believe. He realises that when Po concentrates...he stinks, but when food is in his mind, he is amazing. Shifu trains Po unlike how he trained the furious five and soon enough Po becomes impeccable at the art of Kung fu, but is eager to learn more. When Tai lung escapes, He proves himself in Po is the only one that can stop him, he receives the dragon scroll, only to find out that it is nothing. He was confused but when his dad had told him the the secret ingredient of the secret ingredient soup is nothing, he realises that to be the dragon warrior he has to believe, in himself. Tai lungs moves prove ineffective, as what Po thought was his weakness, was in fact his power. He defeats Tai lung with the Wuxi finger hold and fights alongside the Furious five and occasionally Master Shifu. Po has finally gained their respect. This has been developed into a Tv series and also a second movie, not to mention the third movie will coming out soon. Po will always be a great fighter, but also lovable and fun.

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