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At first terrorizing the town of Houndsworth, Pluto killed and dismembered many villiagers before Sebastien tamed the hound. Quickly gaining Pluto's puppy love and obedience. Despite Sebastien's strong dislike for dogs, Pluto only listens and takes commands from Sebastien and often terrorizes the other Phantomhive staff. It is later discovered that Pluto is connected/has ties to those whom murdered Ciel's parents and burned down the Phantomhive Manner. Through the collar put on him by Angela (who is also Ashe) she/he is able to control him. Able to breathe fire, Pluto is controlled by the collar in which causes him to set fire to the manner once again, burning it down along with London. Pluto's life is ended when Ciel orders his staff to kill him in order to stop the destruction he unwillingly casued. 

Human Form

Hair: White 
Eyes: Red 
Demon Hound Form

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