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Literary History

Pluto is named after the Roman God of the underworld.  It first appears in the Story the Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe.  The story was printed in the Saturday Evening Post in 1843.

Character History

Pluto did not always have one eye.  It's eye was cut out by it's owner in a drunken rage.  The cat was always loved by the owner up until this point and afterwords the cat would run in fear anytime he saw it.  This would later anger the man until he eventually kills the cat by hanging it from tree.


The Cat Came Back
A series of coincidences happen after the cats murder to suggest that it has some back from the dead.  The night after the murder the man's home burns down and when coming back to look at the damage the man notices a shadow of a cat hanging.  He eventually finds a cat that looks just like Pluto.  It is even missing one eye.  The only difference is it had a white patch on it's chest that the man believes looks like a gallows.  
The man becomes more suspicious of the cat until one day it almost trips him down the stairs.  In another drunken rage he goes to kill the cat only yo be stopped by his wife whom he kills instead and buries her in a wall.  The police would investigate her disappearance but never find anything until they hear a grown coming from behind a wall in the man's basement.  When they open the door they discover that the cat was put in the wall with the woman alive and was moaning to get out.

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