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Plokta is a Duke of hell and creator of the Mindless ones. He gains his power from souls of those he traps in his dream dimension. In order to tempt people to enter and stay in his dream dimension willingly their time there is spent living their greatest dreams. Whilst there the souls Plokta's victims provide him with magical energy allowing him to create his Mindless ones aswell as sustain his other powers. Notable heroes that have been trappen in Plokta's dream corridor are Captain Midlands, Captain Britain and Pete Wisdom and MI:13. This occoured when Plokta took advantage of the demons let loose in Britain. He took control of an office block in Birmingham and started sapping the souls of the locals using his dream corridor (a collection portals to his dream dimension) in order to create enough Mindless ones to take Britain. When he first appeared he was confronted by Captain Midlands who contacted MI: 13 for backup. By the time they arrived Plokta had already taken the tower block and turned the people living there to his side. Captain Britain entered first but was tricked into entering the dream corridor to save what he thought was his wife Meggan leaving the rest of MI: 13 to rescue Captain Midlands and defeat Plokta. Captain Midlands however, took Plokta's side for the chance to live his dream to be with his wife again. He was granted his wish after bringing the team to Plokta and trapping them in the dream corridor with him. Having the souls of Super humans within his dream corridor Plokta's power increased dramaticly. However, using the Black Knight's fake Ebony Blade the team escaped to confront Plokta and trap him within his own dream corridor.

Plokta was next seen when he trapped Dracula in his dream dimension as a tactical manuver by Pete Wisdom to discover Dracula's plans to take Britain as the new homeland of the Vapmire people. Plokta was then freed by Wisdom as part of their deal for his services and is now free to persue his own agenda once again.

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