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Bob Violence

White Sluts On Dope

Mark Thrust: Sexus Ranger

Firefight All Night Live!

Interspecies Romances

The Nuclear Family

Fasfax News

In the world of American Flagg television is everywhere. In 1983 Howard Chaykin predicted that television screens would be in every home and on every major thoroughfare, constantly playing mindless fluff, empty of all but the most base of content. He wasn't far off from the truth either. The roster of shows that make up the core of Plex programming could easily fit in on any modern pay cable network. Frankly, the only thing he missed the mark with is the government ban on organized sports. However we still have a few more years before we hit the year 2076.

In the series, The Plex uses mass media packed with subliminal messages and widespread availability of recreational drugs to control the masses. It controls all the information, all the recreation, and nobody screws with The Plex.

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