His Feet ?

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I know this is a dumb question but im going to ask anyway. Why dosent Plasic Man have no toes? I seen alot of pics of him and he has no toes on his feet? He has fingers but no toes?

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Maybe he doesn't think he needs toes- I'm more curious as to how he can go barefoot in even the coldest or wettest weather not to mention the risk of treading on something sharp(perhaps his skin just stretches rather than is pierceable)/


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I don't think PM feels anything

#4 Posted by Paracelsus (1944 posts) - - Show Bio

Despite his body's fluid state he can obviously feel pain( as do other metamorphic characters such as Gemini or the Mist). I have seen pictures of PM being shot and a whitish fluid (presumably blood or its substitute) oozing from his wounds( presumably his heart still pumps blood around his body despite its mutated state!).


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