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This one's titled "Homeland Security!" If Plastic Man is in charge of it, how secure can it be?

President Lex Luthor, after being visited by Superman, checks on one of lackey scientist who is working on making a clone of Superman. She shows him her newest invention a mind swapping devise, that she demonstrates on a frog and a cat. Luthor is unimpressed and wants to know what's the status of his Superman clone. On cue, Bizarro shows up and wreaks the mind swapping machine, blasting himself, Luthor and the Lackey with mind swapping rays.

Meanwhile in another time zone... Plastic Man grounds his adopted daughter, Edwina, for staying out all night, but before he can punish her he is called by the Chief to go to Washington DC, to aide the president on a top secret mission. Plastic Man, Edwina and Woozy, head to Washington DC, where Plastic Man is briefed on the facts that Luthor's mind is trapped in a cat and his body is being controlled by a frog, and the lackey's body has the only key to the mind swapping machine, and that is being controlled by Bizarro who is running around Washington DC.

While Woozy wanders the White House, Plastic Man tracks down the lackey's body and brings it back to the White House, but before they can switch the bodies back Woozy bumps the machine and everyone's minds are swapped once again. Now with no time to spare, Luthor changes Plastic Man's features to look like his so he can talk to the press, not realizing that Woozy is in Plastic Mans body and his answers to the presses questions are dumber then ever.







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