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The Doom Plasma Rifle is a high-tech weapon that fires blue and white bursts of plasma at a rapid rate, much like a machine gun. Also, in the original Doom, the Plasma Rifle and the BFG-9000 share the same stock of ammunition.

Firing the Plasma Rifle in Doom 3.

In Doom 3, the Plasma Rifle has undergone numerous changes. Its appearance differs greatly from Doom, and it now fires pale-blue globular bursts vaguely reminiscent of tiny stars. These projectiles are quite a bit slower than the original Plasma Rifle's projectiles, but no less deadly.

While it no longer fires at a machine gun rate, it can still shoot in relatively rapid bursts and possesses tremendous range with the amount of distance the projectiles can cover. This makes it great at sniping far away targets, provided that they aren't moving too much since the plasma projectiles are very easy to dodge from a lengthy distance. With the amount of damage the Plasma Rifle inflicts, it ranks among one of the strongest weapons of the Doom series (but of course still doesn't come close to the BFG).

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