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Does anyone remember these people? Does anyone remember that they were in one of the best comic books ever published ever? DC, where is my New 52 Jakita Wagner solo series? Even freaking Fuji gets some love in the form of an extremely minor cameo in Superboy, but none of these people have made an appearance in the new universe yet. Where is your justice now? Maybe I don't want to see them making an appearance right now because there's always the chance they'll end up in the hands of Liefeld, but would be nice to see some kind of indication that these folks still live and breathe.

I was originally planning to make a Squadron Supreme respect thread but that would take way too long and I don't have that much time right now. So I thought I'd make a thread for another one of my favorite teams.

(Planetary for Dummies: Elijah's power is heat subtraction, he basically makes things colder. Jakita has superhuman strength, speed and durability. The Drummer communicates with and manipulates different forms of technology. Ambrose warps time and space in a field around him.)

I'm making sections for Elijah, Jakita and Ambrose. I might come back to the Drummer later. Technopathy is one of the coolest powers there is, and yet Drummer tends to be an unimpressive technopath most of the time, so my interest wanes.

Elijah Snow

Planetary #2: Dissipates a cloud of nerve gas by draining its heat away.

Planetary #7: Freezes a street in seconds.

Planetary #11: Freezes and shatters the Bride.

Planetary #12: Freezes a section of a park large enough that it can be viewed from space via satellite.

Planetary #13: Performs an innovative method of castration on Dracula.

Planetary/Batman: Night On Earth: Takes down Batman via quick brainfreeze.

Planetary #23: Shuts a guard up by freezing his vocal cords.......after forcing him to stay in place by freezing his piss.

Planetary #24: Lessens some of the immense heat produced by an orbital death ray when it starts to seep into a nuclear bunker Planetary was in.

Jakita Wagner

Planetary #3: Destroys a speeding car with one kick.

Planetary #6: Fights William Leather (energy manipulator and Johnny Storm analogue) and is thrown out of the penthouse of a skyscraper (Four Voyagers Plaza); Leather remarks that when she hits the ground, she'll just be a little sore.

Planetary #8: Kills four giant mutant ant-monster-things.

Planetary #9: Blitzes a guard guy.

Planetary #9: Makes a huge jump, which from the looks of it was something like a hundred feet or more. She then crushes a handgun and mangles the shooter's hand.

Planetary #14: Fights William Leather again (flashback to the past). She bypasses his power advantage by ambushing him and then hitting him in the brains over and over again without giving him a chance to recover.

Planetary #18: Runs a considerable distance and injects William Leather with a sedative in the back of the neck in the time it takes for him to raise his head.

Planetary/Batman: Night On Earth: Fights Batman to a stalemate. It's an extraordinarily high skill showing for Jakita given that she has no prior showings that suggest she's as skilled as Bruce......but then Batman didn't die after one punch from her, so the eyebrow-raising nature of the feat goes both ways.

Planetary/The Authority: Ruling The World: Kicks a Worldruler robot through a portal into the Bleed so hard it beheads the monstrous Jenny Sparks on the other side.

Planetary #23: Kicks a man so hard his spine flies out of his body.

Planetary #23: Moves fast enough to rip a bomb collar off kid Drummer's neck before the electric signal to detonate reaches him.

Planetary #25: Slams through a stone wall and beats up John Stone, who had all kinds of superhuman tech implants in him.

Ambrose Chase

Planetary #9: Deflects bullets away from him in the middle of their trajectory after they are fired.

Planetary #9: Slows down time for a while to gun down multiple people.

Planetary #14: Fights Kim Suskind, a Sue Storm analogue. First he pulls off her goggles from afar to prevent her from going invisible, and then warps space around her to shatter her force-field and prevent her from concentrating enough to use her powers.

Planetary #23: Freezes a group of guards still in time, although he misses the man farthest away from him.

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Great job!

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Yeah, I remember it took Ellis 10 years to finish 27 issues :p (excluding the specials)

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A much appreciated overview. Only read volume one as of yet; hopefully, I'll pick another trade up soon. 

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@Strafe Prower said:

Great job!

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Planetary is a must read.

Forget powers and the "oh wow" moments for a second.

Planetary is a look at the world of comics from an outsider perspective. Each issue is a sci fi or comic concept viewed through a warped lens. You get to see Godzilla, Captain Marvel, the Fantastic Four, the 50 Foot Woman, and other core geek concepts used in wholly new ways. It's brilliant.

The crew of Planetary are your guides through the secret histories of the 20th century. While the 3 main characters are interesting, what makes the book are the situations and concepts they explore. Just wow.

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I remember some of the quotes from the book
"human mind is the most dangerous place in the universe"
"It's a strange world, let's keep it that way."
Such brilliant masterpiece
There are so many cool ideas in the book like describe the multiverse like snowflake

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