Jack Carter and his new identity.

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I'm re-reading Planetary, and it's pretty clear from the end of issue 7 that Ellis intended for Jack Carter to become Spider Jerusalem. I'm surprised I haven't heard people comment on this before. Anyone else ever give this a second thought?    

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@Korg: I musk ask how you came to this conclusion
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@Leliel: Probably the fact that he looks exactly like Jerusalem, just without the glasses, the last time you see him on-panel.
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@Green Skin: This could be maybe he was not allowed by company laws but that highly unlikely it more like he probably is the counterpat to Jerusalem seen how Majestic is the counterpat to Superman
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@Leliel:   Probably more a direct reference since Warren Ellis wrote both characters.  I'm not sure when Planetary was set, but I'm pretty sure the time-line's don't match up for him actually being Spider.
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@Green Skin: What Earth those Spider even take place at? It looks futuristic and there some stuff that out normal but not enough to be superhero level
#7 Posted by Green Skin (2932 posts) - - Show Bio
@Leliel:   It's suppose to be a seperate Earth from his other creations from what I understand.  It's supposed to be somewhere around 23rd century, but no one knows the calendar date so who knows.    The bleed connects everything in the multiverse, so it's possible he could have used that to travel to the Transmet Earth. 
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@Green Skin: Oh the possibilities of the Bleed are quite large, I like the name you give it Transmet Earth

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