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In the 1950s, a quartet of astronauts were launched into space on an experimental rocket mission to the Moon. They didn't make it. Neither did the four cosmonauts launched on an identical flight plan. Two different foursomes experienced something remarkable on their fantastic journey, and they're still alive today, doing something so mysterious that Planetary must somehow bring them down.

The Drummer briefs Elijah Snow and Jakita Wagner and tells them of a secret rocket development project in the cold war geniuses from Germany who were more intelligent than the the men who made the Von Braun rockets.

At a building called the Four seasons an angry Elijah Snow and Jakita Wagner enter. A flashback to the briefing Drummer reveals that the Apollo was in fact a cover to a bigger project called the Artemis that was part of the real Cold War.

Jakita and Snow then enter the building with Jakita acting she is smiling but as soon they enter the elevator Drummer deactivates the cameras inside. Back at the briefing drummer then says that the goal of Artemis was to establish a base on mars but it never made it to the moon he begins naming the crew beginning with a physicist, engineer and project commander and flight of Artemis named Randall Dowling. Inside the Four seasons building Snow and Jakita see a display case showing off creatures called Subterrans.

During the briefing Drummer then lists the other three scientists who helped Dowling the pilot who flew secret missions knew about in WW

2 Jacob Greene. William Leather a designer of exotic airplanes who may have been one of the last ride the Nautilus and has a hazy history. Kim Suskind the daughter of a Nazi Brain Trust. Elijah and Jakita then see what appears to be a giant portrait with a galaxy in it.

During the briefing drummer then shows footage of what happened to the Four astronauts it seems they made contact with the multiverse and crossed into the Bleed (the area between universes) and what may have transformed them.

Snow and Jakita then see Leather working on something and try to sneak on him but he sees them. During the briefing then says that the Four astronauts were never seen again a Russian flight crew attempted the same course but they to disappeared. The Four actually took over the project wiping all evidence of their existence away manipulating it into satisfying their own agendas which included stealing all the unknown wonders of the world and using for their means Planetary discovered that the Four may be at the Four Voyagers building because the guards who Planetary encountered at Island Zero were traced to them and since Elijah Snow has complained about never doing anything proactive Planetary decided to send Snow and Jakita in to stop them.

After reading a file on the Four Elijah Snow is disgusted by their actions and told Jakita Wagner that he doesn't enjoy killing people but the Four must die. In the present during the fight Leather makes quick work of Jakita using his own super strength and sends her out a window he seems to know who Elijah Snow is he then walks up and confronts Snow telling him no one is going to see the things him and his allies have seen an angry Elijah then kicks Leather in the crotch who is angry at The Four using all the secret wonders of the world for their means.

Leather says Snow has changed he then glows blue who glows bright blinding Snow saying the world is theirs and that trouble will follow Elijah Snow if he continues to pursue The Four he then asks why Snow doesn't remember them and asks what Planetary is hiding while he teleports and disappears.

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