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While investigating the destruction of a Hark building, Planetary watches as Jim Wilder -a Hark investigator- steps on a large lightning-bolt shaped rock and disappears. He returns transformed into a superhuman by a sentient ship designed to transverse alternate universes. The ship crash-landed on earth millions of years ago and has asked Wilder for help getting home. Wilder agrees to help and search out the other six superhumans needed to pilot the ship, with Planetary''s help.

A company man named Jim Wilder has been sent to investigate the explosion of a building belonging to the Hark Corporation that has left nothing in its place by the corporation’s owner Anna Hark who may have adopted and raised Jim Wilder. As he is talking to her in a alley on his cell phone he then sees a muggin and attempts to stop it following the mugger to ground zero of the Hark Building explosion there he sees Elijah Snow, Jakita Wagner and The Drummer and some sort of device on the ground. Wilder then sees the mugger and chases him on top of the device then Wilder disappears when he runs across the device as it flashes Jim is then in some strange place with almost stain glass architecture. Back at ground zero as Planetary just witnessed the events Elijah Snow complains that they never do anything instead they just watch events happen, while Drummer stomps on the device it flashes apparently making Jim Wilder appearing again with a thunderbolt scar in his chest.

Jim is then seen lying in a hospital bed as he gets up he sees Doc Brass on crutches the two make brief eye contact then Jakita Elijah and Drummer come in to his room Jakita introduces herself to Jim Wilder and explains that Planetary documents strange things like what happened to Jim, she asks what happened to him and he he says the device and room he made contact with was some sort of living shiftship the "second of European" it was designed to travel the multiverse and had a accident and crashed on prehistoric Earth. The shiftship explained to Wilder that it had a crew that plugged itself in humans who ran the ship and acted like parts to the ship like engine and fuel, he explains that he was the first of seven and that he wants to return the Shiftship home.

Jakita asks him if he understands how to connect with the ship and he says yes he asks if Jakita wants to see her (the ship) and Jakita responds yes Wilder's thunderbolt scar then glows changing him into something resembling a costumed individual he transports them all to the shiftship which has further stain glass designs lakes and animals.

Wilder and Jakita talk and Wilder asks if she will help him Jakita hesitant to answer is interrupted by snow who asks they go back to the hospital room. Elijah tells Wilder that Planetary will do all it can to help Wilder saying that it's time for them to stop watching and start doing things he then leaves to get coffee and speak to Doc Brass as snow walks away he seems to pity Wilder and has some resentment towards Jakita's willingness to let Wilder go by himself.

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