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Planetary travels to Japan to investigate the unofficial history of Island Zero, a breeding ground for giant radioactive monsters.

A deranged novelist named Ryu and his men arrive on Island Zero to begin the planning of a revolution against Japan but discover a giant moth. In Tokyo Elijah Snow Jakita Wagner and The Drummer arrive at the planetary office they are informed by a Japanese Planetary agent that Ryu has discovered Island Zero a place that has giant mutated forms of lizards and insects. Elijah Snow seems to not be happy with his new job at Planetary and soon Planetary arrives on Island Zero just as Ryu and his men walk in the body of a Giant Reptile Ryu shoots one of his followers who refuses to eat a piece of the creature's body Jakita and Elijah rush to stop Ryu but when Jakita hears the gunshot she displays super speed to quickly race to stop Ryu. Ryu and his men are confronted by guards on the island Ryu then chooses to shoot a nerve gas container he has killing him his guards and his men Jakita back up then yells at Elijah to run away from the gas cloud but Elijah uses his freezing powers to dissipate the cloud. Jakita then tells Snow that the giant monsters had first appeared the day after the bomb in Hiroshima she says that there was a glowing flash above the island but all reports were dismissed lost or buried and states that Planetary is unsure of the origin of the creatures and says they died off in the mid seventies and never left the Island or breed. Elijah then looks up to see a giant winged lizard flying above them he tells Jakita that she said they died off Jakita simply responds: "I did. Isn't that great?"

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