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The Bermuda Triangle hides a dimension warp that periodically opens to suck in any ship or airplane unfortunate enough to be too close. On the other side of that warp is an alien world, home to animals and plants inimicable to mankind, an alien race of "Ab-Humans" hostile to humans, and a handful of hardy but frequently insane survivors of vessels pulled into the warp over the centuries. The world has no proper name, but any who are unlucky enough to become residents there know it as "the Planet of the Damned"!


Created by Pat Mills (under the pen name R.E. Wright) and Horacio Lalia, Planet of the Damned was originally conceived for the first issue of 2000AD, but was held back in favour of other strips, and eventually used in the debut issue of Starlord. Lasting ten issues, the series followed the struggle for survival of passengers from a tri-star jet which ended up on the aforementioned planet, who soon discovered that other humans who had arrived earlier could be just as hostile as the planet's native species. Their only true ally proved to be Flint, a British sailor who had turned barbarian.

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