Planet Hulk vs Silver Surfer Statue Pics!

#2 Posted by BlackestShite (248 posts) - - Show Bio

The statues look great, really nicely designed and the capture the characters brilliantly  
Hulk is top quality and Surfer looks shiny
but that's not really the story
Planet Hulk faced the Silver Savage
Not the guy who Surf's
If Hulk ever faces the guy who can Surf he always dies, that's how fast Surfer is
The silver one that Hulk faces in the arena is more primitive, he also carried a mace and blocked blows using his surf board
If you guys are going all the way to go out and design and craft why not create the real guy from the real story?  
Otherwise I love these
Still very tempted to buy something like this

#3 Posted by jloneblackheart (5868 posts) - - Show Bio

Can you get just the Surfer?

#4 Posted by jack128875 (233 posts) - - Show Bio

This is World Breaker Hulk...... But Still, it's getting ugly for Surfer

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