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Planet Comics, launched by Fiction House in 1940 came just fifteen months after their first and most successful title, Jumbo Comics. Like Jumbo, this title was also an anthology, but all the stories revolved around a common science fiction theme. Although it's predecessor lasted for many more issues, Planet Comics was published at a bimonthly rate for most of its run meaning it too ended in 1953 with its 73rd issue. Planet Comics serves as one of the best examples of "Good Girl Art", a movement commonly associated with the Golden Age of Comics in which gorgeous women would often be posed to show off their beauty, which many of the covers show. However, Planet also had stories featuring women as the sole heroine such as Mysta of the Moon or Gale Allen. Other popular stories included "The Space Rangers" (which merged the Flint Baker and Reef Ryan strips), "Star Pirate", "Mars, God of War", "The Red Comet" and "The Lost World" (featuring Hunt Bowman, this was the lead feature for a large part of the book's run).

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