What is her latent mutant ability or secondary mutation?

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I love Pixie to bits and always have been fascianted about her powers but what is her latent mutant ability or secondary mutation that could be "highly powerful and could even result in her being an Omega mutant" ?
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@mfundo: I was reading her bio and came to that exact sentence and was like..."wtf?!"

I don't think that's ever been stated anywhere, possibly just a super fan really really really likes Pixie and thinks the idea of Omegas is super neato.

To whoever added that to her profile: Yeah, she has the potential to become pretty powerful, especially if she gets tutored by Doc Strange in magic and possibly expands her hallucinatory "pixie dust" to full fledged illusions......but that in no why propels her to Omega status.

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It is interesting though that she is a mutant/fairy hybrid since she is the first of something like that to be seen its hard to know how her powers will end up developing. A lot of the hybrid mutants ended up being very interesting, like look at Namor.

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@cennobite: its not that unusual  it means she will eventually have a high potential for sorcery aka Faery magick, think morgan le fey.
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That would be awesome, I wonder will she have the inherent weakness to iron the fairy possess.

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