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Pitt' o Nili

Pitt'O Nili was a Skrull who volunteered to infiltrate Earth because his family was killed on Phalax Six. He was a sleeper agent and had no idea he was a Skrull. At first, he cannot accept having the human appearance of himself and was even disgusted causing him to be traumatize. The Priestess of the Mind then cured his mind and inserted him all the memory that Steve Rogers have so that he wil believe that he is Steve Rogers and not a Skrull.He went to Earth believing that he is Steve rogers a.k.a. Captain America. No one believes in him when he went to Savage Land. Ka-Zar, Shanna, Zabu and Spider-Man fought him because they believe that Steve is already dead and they know that he is just an impostor. They have defeated him and his body reaction proved that he is a Skrull as he
turns green.

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