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Dead or Alive 1:35 p.m. Robbers are at a bank just finishing up making their heist. When they are leaving the bank one of the robbers takes off his mask, a lady sees his face. They take the woman hostage in back of a van, before they know it behind them on a motorcycle is Pitt.  Pitt subdues the van, ripping open the back of it.  The robbers are freaked by what they see, they shoot him in the forehead, but this only enrages Pitt more.  Pitt takes the hostage and takes her from the captures. (This is what the lady remembers when questioned from the cops).

   Just at this time, The Creed, comes up through the streets in Time Square.  Bobbie Harras and Jack Smithers are gathering themselves together from confronting the Creed.

    Pitt is now on a mission to find Timmy, but not before the Creed finds him first.  Pitt shows up just in time to save Grandpa and starts smashing his way through his enemies.  A battle ensues as he fights the leader, he gets shot in the chest and the head, but does not go down.  These are the last moments for the Creed leader as Pitt decapitates him.  Pitt, Timmy and Jereb now converse as Timmy now understands that Pitt is not a danger to him. Pitt then teleports away as Grandpa and Timmy tries to put things back together again.

    We then find ourselves with Quagg conversing with Zoyvod. 
Zoyvod (Pitt's Father) does not like failure and will move forward in the following stories to get the Pitt.







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