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Reprint of Short story in Youngblood #4 (Encore Presentation).

Upon a spacecraft reaching Space Bay one, capturers are bringing Pitt in for questioning. When opening the re-enforced holding cell, they notice the prisoner has escaped. The cell guard who failed to keep Pitt locked -up then takes his own life with his pistol.

Earth, New York City, Grandpa Brakken and Timmy are riding the Subway. The situation on the car is grim, a lot of lowlife individuals ride this time of day. Grandpa notices that a young lady is being harassed by one of the gang members. He tells Timmy to stay put. Grandpa goes to the young lady's defense to break up the ensuing violence that may occur. Before he sees it Grandpa get clobbered by one of the gang members. Timmy see's this and runs up on the gang member and smashes his hockey stick over the guys head. Pissed, the gang member pulls a knife and picks Timmy up.

A bright light envelopes the car and all cover their eyes wondering what has just happened. Out of no where a naked Pitt morphs in front of them. He turns upon them, with sharp claw nails which extract from his finger tips. They try and battle Pitt, but he is way to strong and ferocious. He is outnumbered but quickly brings the numbers down. He ends the battle and returns the hockey stick back to Timmy, while Grandpa recovers from being knocked out by the gang member. Grandpa looks around and notices all the men scattered around the floor of the car. Pitt has already escaped through the top of the subway car. Grandpa did not notice him.







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