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J.P. Monroe was the rich and spoiled owner of the Boiler Room nightclub, and a collector of strange and tortured artwork. When J.P. bought an eerie statue called the Pillar of Souls and placed it within his club, untold horrors where destined to unfold. The statue unknowingly contained the Cenobite, Pinhead, who awakened after J.P. accidentally spilled blood on the statue. After J.P. had seduced and slept with a woman, he tried to kick her out of his place, but when she came near the Pillar of Souls Pinhead took the opportunity to consume her. He then tempted J.P. with promises of mad lusts and powers, imploring J.P. to bring him more souls in order to regenerate. J.P. brought Terri, a homeless girl, to sacrifice to Pinhead, but she wound up getting the upper hand on him and pushed J.P. into Pinhead, who jammed two pistons into his head and killed him. Sometime afterwards, both Terri and J.P. were made into Cenobites by Pinhead, with J.P. still having the pistons that killed him jammed into his head. He and his fellow Cenobites pursued Joey Summerskill until she was able to unlock The Box and send the Cenobites to Hell. He has as of yet not made a reappearance.

It's strongly implied during a chat with Pinhead that J.P. murdered his parents in order to inherit their fortune.

Media Appearances

  • Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth (1992)

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