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 Curt Falconer and his Bride.  Happier times.
 The Piper was a villain who clashed a few times with Batman and the Flash. Not able to contend with those heroes, he quickly reformed and became a medical doctor. 
 No slouch with the vocabulary     
Years later, long after he had retired from villainy, his daughter was kidnapped. Unless he robbed a bank his daughter would be killed. The Piper reluctantly agreed, and set off to rob the bank. Apprehensive though he was, he seemed to be enjoying the robbery, that is... until he encountered Bloodtype.  Bloodtype, easily cracking The Piper's robotic pipes, took him down with a few punches.  Breaking not only his helmet, but also his nose and some ribs.  Before he could finish The Piper off, Bloodtype was interrupted by Aztek, who insisted that he couldn't murder the piper, despite the crime that he was just about to commit.  But during their confrontation, Bloodtype shot the piper in the back while he saw him trying to escape. 

 Smoke 'em if you got 'em
At the brink of death, after Aztek had knocked Bloodtype out, The Piper explained to him that the robbery was a setup, those people had his daughter and, "They've got something planned."  But before Aztek could do anything more to help him, they saw that one of The Piper's pipes had been rigged with an explosive by the people who had kidnapped his daughter. It instantly blew-up, killing The Piper in the explosion.


 Obviously, the cop is unsure how to correctly smoke a pipe.
 The Piper controlled small robotic pipes which were like tiny robot people.  Their main bodies looked like traditional pipes, with the bowl being the head, but they also had fully articulated arms and legs.  They also could speak, and blow out some sort of toxic smoke.

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