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Captain Pip Bernadotte.

Pip and his men where brought in by Hellsing after an attack on their head quarters which killed almost every single one of their men, Walter paid for the mercenaries to defend and take on missions in Hellsing's name. Pip is a weapons expert and has a lot of experience in warfare. His French nationality is very strong and has an eye-patch over one eye, we are never told how he received this wound. His father and grandfather where mercenaries in the Wild Geese and it just seemed right for him to join as all his family has ever known has been war. The Geese have complete loyalty to their captain which is later put to the test when a very powerful vampire attacks Hellsing HQ

During his time at Hellsing he has grown close to Seras Victoria. At first he thought she was useless and teases her over it. He also mocks her for being a vampire he is then knocked out by one finger and reminds himself not to make fun of her at close range again. It is not till the attack on Hellsing  we find out his true feelings. When he finally kisses Seras much to her shock and tells her to go get them and his men laugh thinking it a joke, But from that moment on Seras and Pip know the truth

Pip with an eye-patch.
His men and himself put up a brave front when fighting the Vamps, But even with their combined effort they are no match for their speed and strength and are almost killed , Until Seras returns saving them , But she under estimates her enemy and is almost killed by A powerful vampire in mileniumm. Trapping Seras in a nightmare the Vampire mocks Seras and chops of one of her arms. Pip who has already been injured by the same vampire runs in and prevents the final blow, But at a cost as he blinds the vampire he is cut down by her scythe and lays on the ground next to Seras dying , Calling her a silly girl he kisses her and asks her to drink from him at first she refuses and finally he convinces her. As she drinks he slowly dies in her arms his mind mixing with her, The Wild Geese believe that Pip is now one with Seras and refer to her as Captain.

Even though he is dead his soul lives through Seras , and gives her advice. He even manifested out of her body and gave the finishing blow to a the Captain by stabbing him with a tooth which had a silver filling on it.

Notable Realtionships
Pip And Seras

At first these two cannot stand each other, Seras is to help the wild geese train for encounters with vampires, the first day of training seems to go well as Seras shows them how far she can shoot with her gun. Pip claps and then points out that she managed to kill all the targets but also managed to blow the heads off all the hostages they where holding. A small argument breaks out which ends in Pip being knocked out with one finger.

If it was not for Pip then Seras would never have grown as much as she did, The two seem to have a connection and Pip kisses her telling her that she was a powerful woman, She then goes on to defeat all of Millenniums ghouls that had invaded the Hellsing manor. But just then A fight breaks out between Seras and another powerful Vampire and Seras is saved by Pip his dying wish is that she feed from him and becomes powerful. Now the two of them will be forever tougher as Pip remains within her even helping to defeat The Captain. A Bond of Love and friendship that will never be broken as long as Seras lives.

Captain Pip and the Wild Geese's.
Wild Geese

They appear in the Hellsing series when Sir Hellsing hires them to replace her fallen men, they aid Alucard in a few missions before Millennium attacks Brittan. During the defence of Hellsing's HQ the Wild Geese are practically wiped out, and their leader fell. Their deaths, however, were not in vain, as the fallen Pip demanded that Seras drinks his blood, she becoms enraged and destroyed the remaining vampiric forces at the end of the battle the remaining Wild Geese stand up and call Seras there new captain, Believing that somewhere inside of her Pip still remains!


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