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Only the MIghty Morphin' Pink Power Ranger, Pink Zeo Ranger, and Pink Turbo Ranger have been in the comics published in the United States. However, a British comic running since the Dino Thunder season has featured all the teams from Ninja Storm through RPM, including the pink rangers from SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Samurai, Megaforce and Super Megaforce.

TV Series

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, The first season of Power Rangers, Kimberly Hart (Amy Jo Johnson) was chosen to be

Kimberly, the first Pink Ranger

the Pink Ranger. Kimberly is a gymnast and has an interest in gardening. When Katherine "Kat" Hillard (Catherine Sutherland), under an evil spell by Rita Repulsa, steals Kimberly's Power Coin, granting her access to the ninjazords, the life force is drained from Kim, due to the Power Coin being in the hands of evil. Knowing that Kim was growing more and more exhausted due to her gymnastics training and her duties as a ranger, Rita keeps Kim busy with more and more monsters. One night, when Kim stays late to train at a gym, she gets very tired and falls from the balance beam. It was Kat that found her on the floor of the gym, breaking the evil spell. Kat inspired Kim to follow her Gymnastic career, that and Zordon saying that her recruitment as a Ranger was over. Kim left the Rangers, leaving Kat to take her place. Both Kim and Kat wielded the Pterodactyl Power Coin, and

Katherine "Kat" Hillard

commanded the Pterodactyl zord, which transformed into the Fire Bird Thunderzord, the Crane Ninjazord, and the White Shogunzord (shared with Tommy, the White Ranger)

Power Rangers: Zeo

After an attack on the Power Chamber that left it utterly destroyed, the Rangers found an underground chamber, and

became Power Rangers Zeo. Kat, from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, assumed her role as Zeo Ranger I against the Machine Empire. She commanded Zeozord I and Super Zeozord I.

Power Rangers: Turbo

When an evil space pirate Divatox threatens to use an intergalactic wizard to open a gateway to the Island of Muranthias

in hopes of marrying Maligore, a living volcano, The Zeo Rangers become Power Rangers: Turbo. Kat became the Pink Turbo Ranger, commanding the Wind Chaser Turbozord.

After Kat and Tommy were attacked by Pirahnatrons, Cassie Chan (Patricia Ja Lee) and T.J. Johnson rescued them. Due to this, Kat chose Cassie as her replacement Ranger. Both Kat and Cassie commanded the Wind Chaser Turbozord, but only Cassie commanded the Wind Rescue Rescuezord.

Power Rangers: In Space

After chasing Divatox into space, The Turbo Rangers meet up with Andros, who is fighting the Princess of Evil,

Astronema, who is actually the brainwashed sister of Andros, Karone. The joined him and became Power Rangers: In Space. Cassie became the Pink Space Ranger, and commanded the Mega V5 (Tank Voyager).

pink psych ranger

pink psycho ranger

During power ranger in space Astronema created the psycho rangers too drain the power of dark specter so she could take over as monarch of evil. Each psych ranger was obsessed with defeating the ranger of there cooler and each used a weapon similar to there ranger. They were defeated but latter came back with the use of a digitizer and were digitized into cards at the end of that episode. They would latter return in power ranger lost galaxy as the reason for the first ranger team crossover episode.

Psycho pink used the more traditional pink ranger weapon, bow and arrows, rather then copying the satellite stunner the pink space ranger was using and was a plant like monster in her true form. originally the first to be defeated after being betrayed by psycho yellow, pink was the only psycho to survive the first team up episode in lost galaxy.

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy

In Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Kendrix Morgan (Valerie Vernon) was the Pink Galaxy Ranger, having pulled the Quasar


Saber with the Wildcat crest from the stone it was lodged in. After the Galaxy Rangers fought and destroyed four of the five Psycho Rangers (evil doppelganger rangers), Psycho Pink stayed alive and created an energy storm that threatened to destroy Terra Venture, the space colony the rangers lived on.

Kendrix gave her life to save it, and Karone, formerly Astronema (played by Melody Perkins), took up the Pink Ranger powers per request of Kendrix's Spirit. Kendrix returned to life once they returned to Mirinoi. Both Kendrix and Kerone commanded the Wildcat Galactabeast/Galactazord.

Power Rangers:Light Speed Rescue

After the city of Mariner Bay is attacked by demons whose ancient city Mariner Bay was built over, Five Individuals from

different fields are chosen to become Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Dana Mitchell (Alison MacInnis), daughter to Captain Mitchell who organized Lightspeed Rescue, gathered four people to become four Rangers, but she was confused on who the fifth would be. Captain Mitchell revealed to her that she was the Fifth Ranger, due to her training as a nurse. She commanded Med Rescue 5, Rail Rescue 5, and Omegazord 5.

Power Rangers: Time Force

After Jen Scotts(Erin Cahill)'s fiance, Alex, leader of Power Rangers Time Force of which Jen was the Pink Ranger, was

Jenn Scotts of Time Force

killed, Jen and the other Rangers tracked the killer to the year 2001. They were unable to morph, however, because they needed the Red Ranger's DNA to unlock the morphers. They soon found Alex's Ancestor, Wes Collins, who morphed into the Red Ranger, allowing the other Rangers to morph. Jen commanded Time Flyer 5.

Power Rangers: S.P.D


Sydney "Syd" Drew is the Pink Ranger of Power Rangers: Space Patrol Delta. She, like her other Ranger allies, has a

genetic ability. She has the ability to turn her skin into any material she touches, such as steel or rock. Often referred to as the S.P.D Princess, Syd grew up in a proud rich family that may have spoiled her due to her whiny, bratty attitude but would one day value her friendship with those close to her rather than just herself. She commands Delta Runner 5 and S.W.A.T. Flyer 5.

Power Rangers: Mystic Force

When a stranger arrives in the town of Briarwood, evil magic is released, causing strange things to occur. An old man

(really Udonna, a powerful witch) asks for help rescuing his brother from a forest, but no one responds, saying there is something strange about the forest. Five people, however, agree to help, including the stranger. Vida Rocca is one of those five. Vida is sister to Maddie, the blue ranger. Udonna reveals herself to the soon-to-be rangers, telling them they are the ones chosen to be Power Rangers Mystic Force. They don't believe her and continue to find a way out of the forest. They are soon attacked, however, and must fend for themselves, but are overpowered. After Udonna tells them that they only need to believe to access their Ranger Powers, one by one they begin to believe. Vida says she believes and demonstrates her control of Wind, spinning her body around into a massive Cyclone. Instead of having machines as Zords, The Mystic Force Rangers have Mystic Titan forms, in which they actually transform into their zords. Vida's Mystic Titan forms are the Mystic Sprite and the Mystic Lion (shared with three other rangers).

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Rose Ortiz is a genius who is also recruited by Mr Hartford to be the Pink Overdrive Rangers. She wields the

Drive Geysers and drives the Sub Driver Zord. Her genetic enhancement is invisibility. Though she is intellectually gifted, she is rather socially inept and prefers to spend time alone rather than have fun with the rest of her team. Rose doesn't like getting close to others but eventually opens up herself as an interesting person. In battle, she is a feisty individual who can and has surprised her opponents and even her team members at times.

Power Rangers Samurai

Mia Watanabe began her training as a Samurai at a very young age and was chosen to be the Pink Ranger. She is a relative of Cam Watanabe, the Green Samurai Ranger of Ninja Storm. Mia is referred to as the mature big sister of the team, she is fearless, caring and optimistic towards life and her friends. Mia is also a formidable Samurai on the battle field and commands the Turtle Folding Zord.

Power Rangers Megaforce

Emma Goodall is a very happy, very friendly and very optimistic individual who cares deeply for her friends and the environment. These are the qualities that enabled her to be chosen as the Pink Megaforce Ranger by Earth's ancient guardian Gosei alongside four of her friends. Emma is not afraid to express her opinion and will stand up to the enemy at all costs. She is also a beautiful singer and commands the Sky Brother Zords.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Emma is once again the Pink Super Megaforce Ranger. In this season, she learns to become a better fighter after she and Jake receive some much needed unarmed combat training from Red Jungle Fury Ranger Casey Rhodes. She also befriends Orion and uses her empathy to help him heal his emotional scars for the loss of his home planet to the Armada.

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