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American publisher Ned Pines created Pines Publishing and started out as a Publisher of the Thrilling Group brand of Pulp Magazines in 1928. In 1939 Ned Pines and Pines Publishing entered the comics field under the Standard Comics imprint. Standard in turn was the parent company of two comic-book lines: Better Publications and Nedor Publishing, sometimes referred to as "Standard/Better/Nedor".

In business from 1939 to 1956, Standard was a prolific publisher during the Golden Age of comic books. The Better and Nedor imprints were consolidated as the Standard Comics line, with a "Standard Comics" flag-like cover logo. The titles previously had no publisher logo. In 1956, Standard ended and only two titles continued, published by Pines Comics.

Beginning in the 1980s, Standard/Better/Nedor characters have been revived by other publishers:

American Crusader (Dynamite)

American Eagle and Eaglet (Dynamite)

Amoeba Man

Black Bat I (Monnstone, Dynamite)

Black Bat II

Black Barton

Black Death

Black Satan

Black Terror and Tim, Kid Terror (Dynamite)

Black Vulture

Brick Bradford (King Features, Nedor)

Captain Future (Moonstone, Dynamite)

Cavalier (Nedor version)

Chameleon (Nedor version)

Crimson Conqurer

Dark Archer

Deathless Druid

Doc Strange (Tom Strange or Strong) (Dynamite) and Mike Ellis

Dr. Bio

Dr. Fission

Doctor Ghoul

Doctor X

Doctor Voodoo

Doctor Voodoo

Fighting Yank (Dynamite)

Electru (Dynamite)


Faceless Phantom

Four Comrades

The Ghost aka The Green Ghost


The Garroter

Green Ghoul

Grim Reaper (Dynamite)

The Hypnotist

Judy of the Jungle

Jungle Jim (King Features, Nedor, Dell, Charlton)

Kara, the Jungle Princess

King of Futuria

Lady Serpent (Dynamite)

Lance Lewis, Space Detective

Liberator (Dynamite)

Living Bolt

Lone Eagle

The Magnet

Major Mars


Masked Rider

Masked Rider II


Mechano or Mekano

Miss Masque (Masquerade) (Dynamite)


Mr. Eyes

Mystico (Dynamite)

The Oracle

Phantom Detective (Moonstone)

Phantom Soldier

Princess Pantha

Puzzler (Nedor version)

Pyroman (Dynamite)

Red Ann (Dynamite)

Red Lama

Red Mask

Rick Howard, Mystery Rider

Scarab (Dynamite character is based on the Scarab)

The Scourge

Sea Eagle

Silver Knight



The Dwarf

The Three Comrades

Thesson, Son of the Gods

The Woman in Red (Dynamite)



Brad Spencer, Wonder Man (Dynamite)

Don Davis

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