halfshellhero's Pilot Season: The Beauty #1 review

This May Already Be a Winner

I haven't read any of the other issues in this year's Pilot Season (If there are any... it seems like a wholly unorganized event which blows my mind), but regardless of votes I sincerely hope that this becomes at least a solid mini-series. Not sure if this is ongoing title material, as it's a dissection of how we as people define and view beauty.

If everyone was beautiful would it even matter? Seems that there are people in this book that argue that beauty isn't everything, but it could also be related to the fact that The Beauty is actually an STD. If the only side effect was being physically beautiful, it seems like everyone could benefit, but what if that isn't the only symptom of the disease? The story explores the beginnings of what seems like a interesting cover up of the deadly effects of what appears to be an innocuous disease. Is this cover up for the good of the people? Are the deadly side effects by design or a result of a targeted scheme?

The ideas presented in this book are quite intriguing and lay the groundwork for what could be an excellent mini-series. I highly recommend giving this book a look.


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