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Damn cool!

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The Good

Cover- Dynamic colors and killer line work make this issue stand out on the comic rack, it’s the reason I picked this up! It has this captivating quality.

Christianity- Finally a Christian based comic I can sink my teeth into and recommend heartily for Christian friends. Kudos to Phil Hester and Lance Briggs!

Art- Nice fitting artwork courtesy of Jose Luis with dynamic and cool colors from David Ocampo and Bill Farmer.

Action- Holy war starts here as Seraph and a demon throw down supernatural style!

New Black Superhero- A fresh new addition to the black superhero game! I like!

The Bad

Heaven?- Big question to both writers not to be nitpicky or to throw some real religion on this supernatural tale BUT suicide is a mortal sin or so I hear. If this man killed himself he would plummet to hell as opposed to rise to the pearly gates. Sorry but that was jarring in its absurdness.

Christianity- Some may be put off by this healthy dose of religion in their comic book, some think religion should be separate and apart from this line of entertainment.

The Ugly

Fresh hero, fresh story and a fresh new title for 2011!! 4/5


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