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Original Design Art

Pikachu is an electric mouse. Pikachu's have yellow fur and brown lightning marks in there back and there tail. They have pointy ears and red circles on their face that contains electricity that they absorbed. Their tails are shaped in a lightning bolt. Pikachu's attack by creating bolts of lightning or sparks out of their electrically charged cheeks. Pikachu is number 25 in the Pokedex. Pikachu evolves into a Raichu. In the second generation of pokemon it is discovered that Pikachu is in fact an evolved Pokemon, and that it evolves from a Pokemon called Pichu.


Ken Sugimori

The character of Pikachu along with the other original 150 Pokemon were designed by Ken Sugimori for his friend Satoshi Tajiri the creator of the Pokemon franchise. Due to it portrayal in the Pokemon Anime series as the main pokemon of the main character (Ash Ketchum) Pikachu went on to become the franchise's mascot.

Character Evolution

Seeing as Pikachu refers to a species more than an individual character it is very difficult the say how they have developed over time, although it can be noted how certain individual Pikachu have grown as characters, for example Ash Ketchum's Pikachu was Ash's first Pokemon and originally chose to ignore and disobey orders given by it's new trainer. But following events that involved an attack by a flock of Spearow and seeing how Ash was willing to put himself in harms way to keep Pikachu safe, it had a change of heart and in turn risked itself to save Ash and ever after the two had created a close and unbreakable friendship.

Many Different Pikachu

And though not technically character development there is an 'Evolution' the Pikachu as a species dose go through. Like many other Pokemon Pikachu can undergo a sudden metamorphosis as it grows or meets specific circumstances, changing into a creature that is faster and stronger. Like all Pokemon The first stage of Pikachu's evolutionary line, Pichu, is hatched from an egg. As Pichu grows and if it reaches a point were it is incredibly happy Pichu will then proceed to evolve into a Pikachu. For Pikachu to reach it final form of Raichu it must first come into contact with a Thunderstone. Whilst Raichu may be the final stage of the Evolutionary chain there is a drawback of reaching this stage as unlike Pikachu a Raichu cannot learn any new moves via leveling up.

Major Story Arcs

Again seeing as Pikachu is a species it is hard to express feats as a whole and so it is easier to tell the stories of certain key individual Pikachu. Pikachu are generally found under the ownership of the main characters of various incarnations of the Pokemon franchise.

Ash Ketchum's Pikachu

Ash and Pikachu from 'Electric Tale of Pikachu'

Ash Ketchum a 10 year old boy from Pallet Town first met his Pikachu on the first day of his journey to become a Pokemon Trainer. In the anime Ash had received Pikachu a gift from Professor Oak, while in the manga adaption 'The Electric Tale of Pikachu' Ash had found Pikachu under the floorboards of his house chewing on electric cables. Immediately Pikachu became disobedient refusing to follow the simplest of orders such as getting inside his PokeBall.

Regardless Ash left on his Pokemon journey, resorting to dragging Pikachu along on a rope leash in order to him follow. After events that lead to Ash and Pikachu being attacked by wild Spearow (and a Fearow in the manga) Pikachu was badly hurt. Fleeing for safety whilst carrying his injured Pikachu Ash came across a girl named Misty from whom Ash 'borrowed' her bike and raced to the Pokemon Medical Center. But eventually the flock of Spearow caught up causing Ash and Pikachu to fall off the bike. As pikachu lie helpless on the ground he looked up to see Ash using his body to shield it from the Spearow's attacks. Realizing that Ash truly cared about it, using the last of it's strength Pikachu leapt into the air and unleashed a massive lightningbolt, defeating the entire flock of Spearow and accidentally incinerating Misty's bike. As both Ash and Pikachu lie exosted on the ground Pikachu gives Ash a lick on the cheek, sealing their bond of eternal friendship. Shortly Pikachu fainted and frantic Ash continued to run towards the Pokemon Center.

Ash and Pikachu from the Anime Series

When Ash finally reached the Pokemon Center he was immediately scolded by Nurse Joy for allowing his Pikachu to become so injured. As Pikachu recovered in the emergency ward Misty was confronting Ash about the condition of her bike, but she lightened up a little once she saw how badly Ash blamed himself for Pikachu's injuries. As this happened a young man and woman named Jessie and James along with their talking Meowth attacked the Pokemon Center. The trio were members of the criminal organisation Team Rocket and were under the orders of their boss, Giovanni, to steal all the Pokemon at the Center. In the battle that followed Misty told Ash to take his Pikachu to safety as she held Team Rocket off. Though Misty would soon be overpowered by Jessie and James, the Pokemon Center was ultimately saved by Ash's Pikachu who had received an electric 'recharge' from a group of Pikachu that worked in the Pokemon Center's back-up generator. Once Pikachu had fully recovered he continued with Ash on his journey and were joined by Misty and later a teenager named Brock. Team Rocket had decided to follow the group and attempt to capture Ash's Pikachu as they realize that it was truly a special Pokemon. Ash's Pikachu also had a bit of a rivalry with Lt. Surge's Raichu.


Sparky and Ash's Pikachu from 'Electric Tale of Pikachu'

Sparky is the nickname of the Pikachu belonging to the Pokemon Trainer known as Ritchie. Sparky can be identified from other Pikachu as he has a tuft of spiky fur on his head. Like Ash and his Pikachu, Ritchie and Sparky originated in the Anime series but also appeared in the Electric Tale of Pikachu. It is unknown how Sparky and Ritchie met, all that is known is that the two share a strong bond as Ash and his Pikachu do. Sparky and Ritchie were first met when Ash was competing in the Kanto region Pokemon League tournament, where all of the trainers' Pokemon were stolen by Team Rocket. So Ash and Ritchie teamed up to retrieve them. When Ash and Ritchie faced off in the tournament Sparky won against Ash's Charizard by default, as Charizrd chose to ignore Ash and take a nap instead.


Red and Pika from 'Pokemon Adventures'

Pika is the nickname given to the Pikachu that belongs to Red from the Pokemon Adventures series. Red captured Pika in Pewter City where the electric Pokemon had been causing trouble,stealing and eating food from the market place. Pika went on to become one of Red's three main Pokemon along side Saur the Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur and Poli the Poliwag/Poliwhirl/Poliwrath. Being extremely sassy of nature Pika help Red win the the Pokemon League finals against his long time rival Green Oak.

Some time later when Red had been trapped by the Elite Four, Pika was the only one of Pokemon to escape. Pika eventually met a young girl named Yellow, who helped Pika free Red. Pika is famous for being one of only a few Pikachu to know the move Surf as well as inventing the 'Megavolt.'

Later on Pika would become the mate of Yellow's own Pikachu 'Chuchu', and would have the offspring that became Gold's Pichu.


Yellow and Chuchu from 'Pokemon Adventures'

Yellow's Pikachu, Chuchu, she found injured in Viridian Forest. Yellow nursed Chuchu back to health and the two son became partners. Chuchu mainly appeared in the Johto chapter of Pokemon Adventures where she helped fight against the Red Gyarados, and fought along side the Pokemon of Red, Green, Blue, Gold, Silver and Crystal against the mysterious Mask of Ice and the Neo Team Rocket.

Chuchu is special among Pikachu as she has learnt the ability to use the move Fly, a technique usually learnt only by Flying-type Pokemon.

Pika, Chuchu and their egg

Later Chuchu would fall in love with Red's Pikachu, Pika, and the two would produce an egg that would become a Pichu that travels with the trainer named Gold.

Isamu Akai's Pikachu

Isamu and Pikachu from 'Pocket Monsters'

Isamu Akai is the star character of the first Pokemon Manga 'Pocket Monsters'. Unlike most other Pokemon universes in this continuity the majority of Pokemon can talk, like Isamu's first Pokemon a loudmouthed and crude Clefairy. How ever that makes Isamu's Pikachu an oddity as it is one of very few Pokemon that cannot talk in this manga.

Pikachu is the cousin of Isamu's Clefairy, to whom Pikachu is the complete opposite. Where as Clefairy is rude and some what slow witted, Pikachu is shown to be very polite and intelligent, this often leads to the two acting as rivals. Seeing as how Pikachu is unablr to speak he tends to communicate via pantomime. This Pikachu also once evolved into a Raichu, but due to the fact that evolution works differently in this universe he eventually reverted back into a Pikachu.

Other Notable Pikachu


During the events of 'Pokemon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back' Ash's Pikachu, along with many other Pokemon were cloned by Mewtwo. The result was a stronger, far more violent and aggressive version of Pikachu. The clone could be distinguished from the original as it had slightly altered black ear markings. The Pikachu clone fought against Ash's Pikachu in Mewtwo's battle to the death, but no matter how much the clone attacked Ash's Pikachu would not fight back. By the end of the battle when Mewtwo realized the error of his ways he took the Pikachu clone, along with the other clones, to find their true place in the world.


At one point during his travels through Johto Ash was temporarily transformed into a Pikachu by a witch in training named Lily. This happened due to a mistake of instead of being able to read the minds of Pokemon, which is what Ash wanted, he was turned into a Pokemon instead. Although Brock did say that the spell did work in a way as Ash could know what was in a Pokemon's mind as he now was one. Despite being in the body of a Pikachu Ash retained the ability to speak and showed no ability in being able to use any of a Pikachu's electric attacks.

Victor and Puka from 'The Pi-Kahuna'

There is an elderly, blue-eyed Pikachu nicknamed Puka that is under the owner ship of an old surfer named Victor. Victor had found Puka washed but on the beach badly injured. As Victor nursed the Pikachu he noticed that Puka had an odd connection to the ocean, Puka was able to sense the tide which caused his eyes to glow. Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu met Victor and Puka at the Saefoam Islands during a surfing contest. Victor and Puka had been waiting twenty years for the return of a ginormous wave named 'Humunga-Dunga', which helped them win the contest.

Powers and Abilities


All Pikachu have the ability to generate electric discharges of varying intensity, from electricity sacks in their cheeks. When many Pikachu gather together their combined power can generate a lightning storm. If too much electricity builds up in their cheeks they can become sick with what is known as an 'Electric Cold'. Pikachu use their tales as a grounding rod.

Pikachu are generally extremely fast, being able to dodge and out run many foes. With moves like Quick attack and agility Pikachu can move fast enough to cause an after image affect. When their Speed a Electric abilities are combined Pikachu are able to achieve their signature move 'Volt Tackle'.

Volt Tackle

Some Pikachu have even demonstrated the ability to manipulate water, and with the aid of a surfboard use the move 'Surf'.

Some Pikachu also are able to use the move 'Fly' via the aid of balloons.

A Pikachu's powers are amplified greatly when they hold the item the Light Orb.


As an 'Electric type' Pokemon Pikachu are highly vulnerable to Pokemon and attacks of the 'Ground type'. Pikachu's electric abilities have no effect what-so-ever on Ground type Pokemon and attacks of the Ground element cause tremendous damage upon Pikachu.


Surfing and Flying Pikachu
  • Height: 1'04'', 0.4m
  • Weight: 13.2 lbs, 6kg
  • Eyes: Black, sometimes Blue
  • Hair: Yellow fur (with brown stripes)
  • Unusual Features: Lightning bolt shaped tail, females have a heart shaped dip in the end of their tails.
  • Citizenship: native to the Kanto Region
  • Family: Pichu (pre-evolved form), Raichu (evolved form)


Pikachu is a highly popular Pokemon, not just in the Pokemon World. DC hero Static was shown at one point to collect its cards in the Pokemon Trading card game that exists in the Milestone (and presumably DC) verses

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