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Tolliver's lackey, Pico was set to guard the prisoners. He has a brother named Nyko.


First written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Mark Pacella.

Character Evolution

Beginning as what appears to be an ordinary man, Pico later becomes a cyborg after it is assumed that Cable kills him.

Major Story Arcs

Keeping Guard

When Tolliver kidnaps Domino (so that Copycat can take her place within X-Force), Pico is set as the guard. He watches over Domino for a year. Even in chains, she is so dangerous that Pico feels the need to arm himself whenever he approaches her.

When Cable and Copycat breach Tolliver's base, Pico welcomes them with an electric whip. Cable wastes no time in shooting him. Thinking that his brother was killed in cold blood, Nyko hires the Executive Elite to kill the three people present when his brother died, namely Deadpool, Copycat, and Cable. They fail.

Pico doesn't die, however. He is later turned into a cyborg.

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