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Pickles is the Vampire Queen Marceline's pet dog, however at some point in time he mysteriously disappeared, and is now dearly missed by Marceline. Some time much much later, while wandering about bored Marceline stumbles across an enchanted guitar. Picking it up a fiery lion like goat Anbaris manifests itself from within the guitar and entices Marceline to play the guitar promising that he shall grant any wishes she desires after she completes a song. Marceline is intrigued and wishful and threatens the creature if he doesn't comply before breaking out a song using the musical instrument. She thinks how nice it would be to see Pickles again and so sings a heartfelt song about her lost pet, and how she missed him even though he peed on her guitar and ate her sweaters. At completion of the song, Anbaris announces that he is free, after being trapped within the guitar. Infuriated that she was lied to, Marceline chases Anbaris, but pauses when Anbaris runs to a small boy that excitedly embraces the animal, overjoyed at having him found. The boy thanks Marceline who softens a little bit at seeing the reunion of the boy and his pet Marceline then plays a song with the boy and Anbaris, while also getting a measure of closure over Pickles.         


Pickles is a character from the Adventure Time franchise created by Pendleton Ward. He first appears in a back up story in the mini series Adventure Time: Marceline Scream Queens #1 written by Jen Wang released in 2012.  

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