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Pickle Inspector is the neighbor of Problem Sleuth and the third member of Team Sleuth. Unlike Ace Dick PI has no real problem with Problem Sleuth except that he finds PS a bit nosy. PS first tries to recruit PI in the realm of imagination of but PI declines and keeps AD and PS from entering his room in the imagination realm. Later after some shenanigans PI joins the two in the imagination realm and proves to be quite useful as his insanely high imagination allows him to conjure weapons to slay the imagination monster. PI further assists AD in slaying another imaginary monster and then he makes his way back to the real world, although he loses an imaginary life in the process. Later he drinks some candy corn liquor which greatly boosts his imagination and leads to the creation of Godhead Pickle Inspector, who then creates the entire Problem Sleuth world. PI is also later killed, but wins his life back in a game against Death. Much later PI would assist in the battle against DMK, mostly as a sniper. In the end he leaves the apartment along with the rest of Team Sleuth and their friends.

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