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Phummm is a member of Troll Associates which is a team of trolls that also consist of Phy, Phough, Phay and Phee. The leader, Phy emerges from the underground tunnels in London, England when he smells gold. The scent leads him to a young mutant named Thomas Jones aka Alchemy that has the ability to change any item to gold. Phy kidnaps Thomas and plans to use him to shatter England's economy by causing inflation when he turns everything to gold. Thomas' mother witnesses the kidnapping of her son and contacts X-Factor. The team would find Thomas when he was leaving a trail of gold items which led to the underground tunnels where the trolls dwell. A fierce battle takes place and Phummm reveals to Iceman that he is also called Abominable Snowman, born and bred on the slopes of Mount McKinley. Phummm is encased in ice but he easily breaks free and knocks Iceman out with one punch. The remaining members of X-Factor are overwhelmed by the power of Troll Associates. All the trolls leave with Thomas except Phay and Phummm who are left to guard their mutant captives. X-Factor manages to escape when Iceman freezes the feet of Phay and Phummm while Beasts knocks them down. The rest of the trolls head toward White Tower which is a major landmark in London to make a big statement. Troll Associates come into conflict with several guards, police officers and all members of X-Factor. The trolls are forced to retreat and head underground because the sun was rising. Phummm and Phay recover and meet the rest of their teammates in the tunnels. X-Factor engages the trolls underground and Phee would kidnap Thomas' mother during the fight. Thomas finds the will to fight back and turns Phy and Phee into gold statues while Phummm and the rest of the trolls escape. The trolls are placed in Hyde Park for display and the young alchemist changes their elemental structure from gold to lead.


Phummm was created by Louise Simonson and Arthur Adams in 1989 and first appeared in X-Factor # 41.

Powers & Abilities

Phummm is a powerful troll with superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Phummm is immune to most cold and ice attacks but is vulnerable to sunlight.

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