The Phoenix Force

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Ok will someone explain to me this. I've seen this on two different websites. One says that hope and Wanda destroyed the Phoenix force, and another one says that they sent it back into outer space. Soooooo what's the truth?? Is it destroyed [which is highly unlikely] or has it been sent back into outer space for Jean.

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From what I heard you can't destroy it without destroying the universe. True or not it still was only disbursed.  It wasn't destroyed.   

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It was disbursed throughout the Mutant Population, reigniting the M-Gene.

You couldn't truly destroy the Phoenix Force without awful consequences as something would have to represent Life and Rebirth, like when Galactus was killed suddenly Abraxas appeared to take his place.

There is a ying and yang to cosmic beings that means that even if something manages to kill them then something will replace them, often worse the the predecessor.

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It'll be back, I'm sure. It has just been dispursed like the guys said. It kick-started more X-Gene's.

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