Phoenix, the M'Kraan Crystal and Future Kid Omega

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So at the end of AVX that ignoramus Wanda says "No more Phoenix" and bipidy bopidy boo, the Phoenix Force gets destroyed. My first question is what about the M'Kraan crystal? If some crazy guy gets a hold of the Crystal who's left to stop him from destroying the universe? Did Wanda or any of the Avengers even think of this before making such a rash decision of destroying a being whose sole purpose is to guard all of creation? Secondly, in BOTA Kid Omega from the future is called Phoenix and has the Phoenix Force? How is this possible if Wanda somehow destroyed it? The very fact that this exists, and in the very next X-over no less, makes me think that the end of AVX was a shitty deus ex machina thought up by the hacks at Marvel. Thirdly why didn't the Avenger's in the future lose their collective shit and try to stop Quinten from becoming the Phoenix? Why was it, according to the Avengers, such a big problem for Hope to receive the Phoenix Force yet in the future they don't seem to give two shits about Kid Omega (A guy known for his rebellious attitude) to have it?

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@skypilotbinky: Well at the end of avx wanda didnt destroy the phoenix. hope took control of it and sent it away so it still exists. Secondly the whole issue in avx (besides bad writing) was the fact the hope wasnt ready and the xmen intended to use something they couldnt control to try to restore the mutants (which they werent sure it would do). Quentin in BOTA had the phoenix under control and plus the whole span of BOTA wasnt very long and quentin was not around for more than a few hours and i dont belive the avengers were too aware of a phoenix.

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