Phoenix Force - Why is it often connected with Biblical Context?

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i have been following the Phoenix ever since its fist appearance.. and with it, i have noticed something.. most of the titles concerning the Phoenix Force  are often linked with the context of the Bible.. here are some: 
Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis 
Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations 
Messiah Complex
Second Coming 
not to mention certain words with biblical context often associated with the Phoenix Force like..
The Tree of Life 
White Phoenix of the Crown 
Black Angel 
plus if you remember, the evil counterpart of the Phoenix Force is known as The First Fallen.. 
Marvel has never explicitly included biblical characters in their creations unlike DC and Vertigo which directly included biblical characters like Lucifer, Michael and even Yahweh plus many more.. 
did Marvel created the Phoenix Force as an indirect character based on the bible? perhaps as the Holy Spirit which is depicted as dove, or possibly an angel in the biblical context.. like when Jean Grey descended from the White Hot Room as the White Phoenix of the Crown, draped in holy flames.. she was so reminiscent of the biblical Seraphim, the burning angel of God.. 

what do you guys think? 
all comments are welcome..
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Most of these words have infiltrated modern language to the point that they don't necessarily carry any biblical connotations. I also wouldn't give Marvel that much credit. The second coming, First Fallen and tiphareth are interesting though, being far more direct than the rest.
Also, I find it funny that you include "Crown" as a biblical word.

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@AtPhantom: well you see, the Crown is th top most Sepiroth of the Tree of Life.. it is very much different from the regular crown which are worn by sovereigns.. 
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Messiah complex makes sense because during the twilight of the mutants, there savior came and rescued them giving them five new mutants.  Soemthing Like Jesus is supposed to do when Satan rules the world or something.  Second coming I guess is really refering to Jean Grey and Hope Summers.  The hell is a Tippareth and I dont get the Black Angel thing really?  Is it supposed to be the devil?  How is the Phoenix known as the Black angel?  Is it Dark Phoenix?
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@lord_oraculous016 said:
" @AtPhantom: well you see, the Crown is the top most Sephiroth of the Tree of Life.. it is very much different from the regular crown which are worn by sovereigns..  "
Based on a single capital letter?  I think you're giving writers way too much credit.
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I think Marvel wants to make Bibical beings but Max dosent have the pull like Vertigo does so there stuck having to use there cosmic charecters as bibical refrences.  Galactus is the Alpha and the Omega, also he acts as balance of life and death int he universe.  Celestials create and advance lifeforms and also judge existence etc etc
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@daak1212: yup.. she was referred to as such during the Dark Phoenix Saga as well as the Angel of Death and Chaos Bringer.. 
Tiphereth is the heart of the Tree of Life which is associated with Spirituality, Balance, Integration, Beauty , Miracles and Compassion.. 
i'm hinting that the First Fallen could probably be the devil himself.. not just the character namesake share by most Hell Lords but the actual fallen angel synonymous to Lucifer..
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So the phoenix is actually an angel?

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