How powerful is White Crown Phoenix?

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How powerful is she? 
Can she beat a fully fed Galactus?
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She can probably defeat Galactus.
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@Edamame: Explain, please? This intrigues me.
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well for starters.. she erased a timeline and then created one from scratch... she also holds the whole 616 Universe in the palm of her hand..
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@Edamame said:

She can probably defeat Galactus.

Make that can definitely defeat Galactus. Rachel Summers practically defeated him with only a fragment of the Phoenix Force.

Edit: As has been pointed out to me: Galactus was weak at the time. But the White Phoenix of the Crown is one of the most powerful beings in the known Marvel Universe, it is generally agreed that only the One Above All, and a handful of similarly powerful beings are more powerful than it. Such as the Living Tribunal.

This thread pretty much covers it, although I'm trying to find the feats thread, which goes into greater detail.

Another one (although there is a general consensus of "fanboying" of Thanos with the IG....)

^Holding an infant universe in the palm of her hand.

Basically, she's quite powerful. And I'd say she would own Galactus. *still searching in vain for aforementioned thread*

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