Galactus can beat The Phoenix Force?

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I was reading about The Phoenix Force on comic vine and it said that Galactus nearly killed it?

#2 Posted by jubilee042 (1376 posts) - - Show Bio

chuck norris it ain't all about fighting and no cause rachel with the phoenix fought galactus and she kicked his butt i think

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Of course Galactus has only one superior.........Batman with prep. No but seriously Phoinex foarce wins

#5 Posted by Duchess (6047 posts) - - Show Bio

Phoenix Force > Galactus

#6 Posted by kimeraevet (201 posts) - - Show Bio

Galactus and the Phoenix Force are equals. They were created together at the end of the original universe.

#7 Posted by xerogod (225 posts) - - Show Bio

ohhhhhhhhhh brother!!! give it a rest!!! please!!!! galactus can beat phoenix, phoenix can beat galactus, galactus can beat odin, odin can beat galactus, thor can beat galactus, hulk can beat galactus, ironman can beat galactus, hell squirrel girl can beat galactus....EVERYBODY CAN BEAT GALACTUS DAMNIT!!!!! Marvel does a very poor job at keeping things in synch and maintaining the power level of a character...every1 knows this, no character in marvel, except TOAA or Franklin R. has a steady rate of power...seriously

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u guys power isn't the only thing that can be allowed by someone to win a fight.i mean look at it this way. galactus could almost eaisly destroy some the the charcters mentioned[though it may depened how often he ffed.] anyway the reason some of thos guys beath im is do to more then power.i mean is ironman sotnrger then galactus.can he destroy an entire planet. or is the hulk able to beat galactus even with his superhuman strength or can galactus overpower him with his other array of abiltites turn him to stone or soemthing. guys the thing is you cant only compare powers you have to compare more to that. for axample phoenix force with rachel as a host vs galactus. lets see. phoenix has an infinite power source . while glaactus doesnt. phoenix can warp matter and enenrgy at high levels so can galactus.phoenix can manipulate time and space galactus has done these to an extent. both can revive the dead. and bothhave been shown to warp reality. both of them are required functions of the niverse.if not mutiverse. bot of them can teleaport and among otherthings are very alike.and both have been known to be quite skilled stratagists.though galactus apearently has more wit then rachel tel lthe truth in certain battles like rachel phoenix vs galactus while phoenix domitated galactus in power it more more then the fact she is stronger it was also cause she has a virtualy infinite power source.while galactus doenst.but galactus while he feels guilt for his actions as he revealed to nova .he apeared to outwitted phoenix by calling her a hypocrit and on telling her her power tell the truth in my opinion i think white phoenix and galactus are more frieednly with each other . cause i think white phoenix knows galactuses importance and likewwise. also i beleive both of them are important. i mean phoenix wit hher being the being that gives life to the universe and is the guradian of creatio among otherthings.

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full powered galactus can beat any phoenix with the exception of that crown one

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