Continuity in Avengers vs X-men.

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Just wanted something clearing up:

Current events of Avengers vs X-men explicitly suggest that the "Phoenix Five" (between them) possess most, if not all, of the entirety of the Phoenix Force. However, the events of Phoenix Endsong- with Jean gathering up the rest of the pieces (and managing to do just that *) -would suggest that it is only a very small fragment of the Phoenix that they possess.

If the former is true: what happened to Jean to just let the pieces free ....? Or is it just a case of Marvel ignoring continuity? A similar point could be made by how all the characters are assuming that Jean is dead, when in fact she is in the White Hot Room.

*example: Rachel Summers whilst battling Galactus.

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What continuity? AvX has been a flop for every one including the phoenix force, I just hope the phoenix gets exiled into space at the end of the event and maybe we get a decent return of the current time line jean sometime next year for the X men's 50th birthday.

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