Interview: Philip Tan on Villains Month: Eclipso

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Villains Month is upon us, and during this time, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK will have two villains take over the book: The Creeper and Eclipso. Along with the villains take over the series for a couple issues, different creative teams will also take over. the upcoming Eclipso issue will be written by Dan Didio (PHANTOM STRANGER, THE OUTSIDERS) and will feature the art of Philip Tan (SAVAGE HAWKMAN, THE OUTSIDERS). Aside from some exclusive art from the upcoming book, Tan answered some of our questions about the upcoming Eclipso issue.

Comic Vine: Since the start of the new 52, Eclipso has been bouncing around a bit between books. Do you think this character has found a home with JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK and why?

Philip Tan: I think Eclipso is a versatile character, and not just a villain. His stories in the New 52 actually allows him to be more flexible in terms of directions, so JLD absolutely fits him, and might even allow him to be regular guest in other books.

CV: What's going on in this upcoming Villain's Month book?

PT: Aside from the cool stuff I'm not suppose to talk about, Dan is giving him a pretty fun buildup as a character and also a human side to anchor his story to the readers.

CV: The JLD has a few solid villains in the rogue gallery already like Felix Faust, Nick Necro, and Doctor Destiny. Is Eclipso on the same level as the rest of them? What makes him someone these characters should fear?

PT: Same level?!? Pfffft!!! He destroys them! >:D ( joke joke...)

CV: For those who didn't catch his appearances in TEAM 7 or SWORD OF SORCERY, what's different about the New 52 version of this character and what's stayed the same?

PT: And that would be spilling the fun stuff... But he's definitely still the one who calls out the darkness in people...

CV: What changes or tweaks have you made, design-wise, with this character, if any?

PT: There was a lot of back and forth in terms of what needs to stay and what are the new spaces I'm allowed to play with. The Elf-like characteristics need to be diminished and little simplification was asked. I guess the balance between fantasy and horror had to split into three ways, as traditional comic design elements are included.

CV: What are your likes and dislikes about this character?

PT: I like how much more evil he makes others than what his actions shows us. I don't like that we don't see this character in DC more ;)

CV: What were you most excited about before working on this issue?

PT: The research and plays on Screentones in preparation for the visual direction of this issue!

CV: Where else can we see some of your upcoming art?

PT: I'm actually told not to show anything, but maybe DC already released preview stuff somewhere?

CV: Many creators either listen to music or have something on in the background while working. What were you listening to/half-watching while working on this issue?

PT: Ambient noise!!!!!! Working inside coffeeshops and hope that people don't chat too much... ;)

Thanks to Philip Tan for answering some questions about the upcoming book and make sure to check out JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #23.2: ECLIPSO which goes on sale September 18th.

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This seems really cool. But he looks like Purple Goblin :P

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not much was given

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Phillip Tan, one of the best artists around at the moment.

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I really wish there was a JLD Villains Month book that I wanted to read. And that's not a knock against Philip Tan or Eclipso and the Creeper.

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Green Goblin's crossing over to DC for Villain's month? Holy Heck!

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I really wish there was a JLD Villains Month book that I wanted to read. And that's not a knock against Philip Tan or Eclipso and the Creeper.

I'm reading both, but I really wish Nick Nekro got his own.

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All The New 52 costumes are so inconsistent. This isn't too much of a change...

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Excited for Eclipso, excited for Tan's art...not excited for next month...wallet go bye-bye :/

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@inferiorego: I'd read a Nick Necro book as long as it wasn't written by Didio or Nocenti too.

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I'm looking forward to this. Love exploring the magic side with Justice League Dark, definitely one of my favorites :D

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I can not wait to read this.

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Green Goblin's crossing over to DC for Villain's month? Holy Heck!


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Always liked Eclipso, seems like he's remained fairly close to his pre-boot self. Wishing for a guest spot or 2 for Shade and Nightshade, among others. :)

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Purple Goblin. He's the new Red Batman.

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oh Justice League Dark, I love thee, and I cant wait to see this villain issue.

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I want Eclipso and Spectre too fight!

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JLD is on my Pull List so I'm getting this anyway, but I actually excited about this issue. I wasn't a huge fan of the way Eclipso was handled on Team 7, but I loved the Sword and Sorcery take. So I can't wait to see how Dan DiDio handles him. ;)

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