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Brief History

Philip le Guin grew up in Lakewood, New Jersey.  He developed telepathic powers while still underage. Morgan MacNeil Hardy (Forever Man) offered the le Guin family a significant amount of money for Philip's participation in an experiment. Actually the telepaths who participated were tied to a Telepathic Augmenter device. The same powers which usually affected thoughts would be amplified enough to reshape reality. Hardy and his allies in the Secret Empire wanted to reshape the United States according to their own conservative ideals. Hardy mostly wanted to to return America back to its early 20th century incarnation. Anything from the 1960s onwards represented corruption in his eyes. 
Unfortunately for Hardy, each telepath subconsciously affected the reality created. Philip wanted a reality where children never aged to adulthood. Ursula Richards, another of the telepaths, strongly opposed Hardy's ideals and sought a way to stop the changes. She managed to summon Captain America and had him face the Secret Empire once again. Hardy tried to take control of the reality-changing process to remove his new opponent from reality. His own stream of thoughts almost erased the entire United States from existence. He was horrified enough to try to reverse the process. He and two telepaths were killed. Le Guin and Richards survived. 
Philip was held in SHIELD custody for a while but he was not considered a genuine threat and was released. The Secret Empire recaptured him almost immediately. They were planning to use him and other psychics as living weaponry. He was able to summon Captain America to the Empire's mount Charteris, Colorado base. He also found new allies in members of the Defenders held in custody there. But determined to end their suffering, Philip and five other telepaths merged their minds. They possessed Nighthawk and had him initiate the self-destruct mechanism of the base. Their bodies died in an explosion. 
To their surprise the psychics found themselves merged to Chorus, a single astral being with six personalities. In a series of adventures, they took over Overmind and joined the Defenders. In Defenders #117, the six members decided to seek closure with their old lives before fully merging. Philip returned to Lakewood to visit. his parents and old friends. They all considered him dead and their reactions to his "ghost" ranged from fear to anger. Philip realized that he had nothing to loose by the merger.

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