Watch This Preview Of The Next Marvel One-Shot Short Film With Agent Coulson

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Keep your eyes sharp for the Roxxon cameo.

Marvel’s distinguished its brand of superheroics from the beginning by underlying all its wildest fantasy with at least the sense of down-to-Earth realism. You know, like how Spidey has to sew his own costumes and dote on his frail aunt. That very much continues to be the guiding spirit in these Agent Phil Coulson “one-shot” shorts. I can’t think of too many other super-spies whose out-of-this-world adventures are depicted with equal care allotted to their time driving leased cars and deliberating over what flavor of donut they’re in the mood for. That, Comic Vine maniacs, is what you call verisimilitude.

Give it a watch, why not?

== TEASER ==

This short’s going to be an extra on CAPTAIN AMERICA home video release that’ s still a few months down the pipe. The preview was posted by its cinematographer, David Myrick, on his personal website. Considering how the final short probably won’t be much longer than a couple minutes, this “preview” might actually take up a big chunk of the total running time. “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer” is the proper title, so I’ll take a wild guess and figure that this is filling a little gap between IRON MAN 2 and THOR just like how “the Consultant” connected the former to THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Maybe we’ll see Agent Coulson breaking out a Stark gadget to take care of these goons?

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the Link is broken



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I really find the Agent Coulson character to be highly likable. I really hope he gets a few good scenes here and there in the Avengers movie.

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@TheBlackHood said:

I really find the Agent Coulson character to be highly likable. I really hope he gets a few good scenes here and there in the Avengers movie.

Bet you he's revealed as a Skrull

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I love Agent Coulson.

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looks good, this is the first time I've seen any of one though, are the others available online?

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I wanted to see more

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I don't really care enough to see the whole thing. 

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Someone please make him canon in the comics now please. :)

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I really like that they're using Clark Gregg as some comedic relief in between the whole Avengers initiative. It's a smart move to inject humor and he's such a perfect actor for displaying both a serious side with a hilarious situation.

Thumbs up for their strategy, can't wait to see the collected sequences :)

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Nice, this is pretty good! I'm starting to like Coulson more and more.

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I like the idea of these shorts....but after watching the first one on the Thor blu-ray today I was really just seemed like he wasn't really trying in it....the acting came off as really really cheesy and I know that Coulson always comes off as kind of cheesy but man this was bad

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Clark Gregg is fantastic!

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I can't help but think this is where Coulson picks up Agent Clint Barton and maybe the two of them drive the rest of the way to the hammer together. The first short 'The Consultant' sort of explained the Tony Stark cameo in Incredible Hulk so maybe this will explain the Hawkeye cameo in Thor. Just a guess.

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Perty interesting...

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How are they going to cut it off like that! Right when things were about to get interesting

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Pretty awesome - can't wait to see the whole thing.

Well, at least he needs to show up in more comics. Hill was run ragged for a while, it's time for her to get this stooge on the ground.

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I say, keep 'em coming!

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That was cool, can't wait to see the full thing

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Ah a Little Debbie add, how cute.

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He's set to return for Marvel movies after Avengers, so no.

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Ooh, hope he'll pull a James Bond on those two thugs.

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@MisterParker: More like a Punisher, LOL.

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@cattlebattle said:

@TheBlackHood said:

I really find the Agent Coulson character to be highly likable. I really hope he gets a few good scenes here and there in the Avengers movie.

Bet you he's revealed as a Skrull

Bet it's revealed that the entire team are skrulls!


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Can't see the video.

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can any1 provide a link to this vid? no longer available on this site. thx in advance!!

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@VenomMelendez: as a skrull though right?

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He's showing in an Upcoming Marvel cartoon in any case.

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