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Radian, Mutant

He was one of the students to enroll to Xavier Institute after Xavier was announced to the public as a mutant. When Cassandra Nova attacked the mansion he was one of the students ready to face her. But instead were put under her control and attacked the X-men. Radian and other students were freed from Nova by the Stepford Cuckooss. After the death of Jumbo Carnation a mutant fashion designer he along with other mutants formed a group under Quintin Quire (also known as Kid Omega)called the Omega Gang. Recently, Radian and the Omega Gang participated in an assault on a small group of human racists, and after, a team of U-Men. While the U-Men were guilty of murder, the human racists had done nothing but have deplorable attitudes. Several of the humans did not survive the attack.

The Omega Group the caused a riot during Open day, a day in which the Institute would accepting human students. During the riot, Radian was stopped by Cyclops, who broke his leg with his optic blasts. As a direct result of the violence, one of the Stepford Cuckoos died and another student was missing, presumed evaporated. Afterwards

Radian, Redneck, and Tattoo were all sent to a jail run by humans. They protest this, claiming Quire mentally influenced them. He was one of the many mutants to loose their powers after M-Day.

New Warriors

New Warriors

Radian later joined the New Warriors under the new alias Phaser. It would not be long after that before he lost his sister, Christine a.k.a. Tattoo and more recently Longstrike.


As Radian

Radian has the ability to generate a multi-directional burst of ultra violet light from his body which can blind any that he chooses to effect.

Depowered New Warrior

As Phaser

Power suit with blast powers, force field.

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