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Green Lantern 
Status: Presumed Deceased
Space Sector: 
Sector Partner: Service pre-dated Sector Partners
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Unknown


A community of sentient worms acting as a single entity, the unit known as Phantos sought pilots for starfighters they had designed.  Their world was defending against an invasion force and despite their technological expertise, the time needed for communication through their neural pathways made their reactions too slow to effectively pilot their own starfighters.  Phantos traveled to Earth where it attempted to abduct Hal Jordan, not realizing Jordan was a member of the star-spanning Green Lantern Corps.  Jordan was test piloting a jet for the Ferris Aircraft Corporation when Phantos disintegrated the aircraft out from under him.  Assuming his attacker had deduced his identity as Green Lantern, Jordan changed into costume and defended himself.  Phantos' slower reflexes were no match for the Green Lantern.  It found itself plummeting to the ground when the ring wielder deprived Phantos of its weapon and means of flight, a high tech wand.  The Green Lantern caught Phantos and learned of his attacker's predicament.  With Phantos' permission, Green Lantern used the power ring to increase the speed of the aliens' neural pathways.  Phantos was surprised when Jordan refused to repair his own aircraft which had been destroyed, stating he would not use the power ring for personal gain.  Surprised by the Green Lantern's selflessness, Phantos still wanted to express its gratitude.  The wand Phantos employed to disintegrate the jet had kept a molecular blueprint which Phantos used to reassemble the aircraft, thereby saving Jordan's job as a test pilot.  Once the improved Phantos returned to its homeworld, it was able to repel the invading forces.  The unit Phantos sent their best to Oa to serve the Green Lantern Corps as a ring wielder until the destruction of the Central Power Battery.

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