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The Phantom X-19 has not only the distinction of being the single most expensive piece of active equipment in the G.I. Joe arsenal, it also carries the rather dubious honor of being the only one of its kind in existence.  The experimental stealth fighter has the most advanced electronics package of any combat aircraft in history, tremendous speed and maneuverability and a strange "otherworldly" look.  While other jets are obviously assembled, the Phantom X-19 looks as though it was poured.  No radar or tracking system on the planet has the ability to pick it up, due to the advanced hardware, design and materials - not that anyone knows of its existence, of course.

The Phantom X-19 weighs 45 tons and has a top speed of 2,375 MPH and a fully loaded range of 3,200 miles.  It is armed with twin energy-diverting pulse-fire laser cannons.  It also features two BY-10b "Little Guy" long-range, air-to-air missiles and one Bullseye III air-launched cruise missile.

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