New 52 Phantom Lady Respect Thread

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In November 2011, the New 52 and now began a new direction was taken to the superheroes of DC, principally the most adorable Freedom Fighter's members: Phantom Lady

Let's take a look at the new Phantom Lady feats in this new universe:

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Phantom Lady explaining how the new gadgets works,while beating a bunch of thugs (Now she can g generate living shadows)

:Sorry for the lazy!!!

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With this suit Phantom Lady can phasing throught things and created hard darkness constructs
Walking beneath a lake,it's seems she doesn't need to breathe while phasing
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and thanks

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Nice to see that they finally gave her some clothes.

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What are these characters secret IDs?

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Larning how to focus her abilities
It's seems the Blacklight affect people's mind
Creating several shadow tentacles

@cameron83: You're welcome

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@turoksonofstone: They joke about names like phantom lady and doll man...i think it is a really nice adaption

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Hmmm Dane and ...Jen(?)?

Thank you btw.

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yeah it does look O.K. though why they choose to revive the Quality characters and apply so many changes is beyond me. DC is consistently too sprawling.

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@turoksonofstone: well to be fair they always did change them

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dollman beat the crap out of ray palmer

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Thanks for posting the pages. But who IS this new Phantom Lady, is she still Stormy Knight?

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Is this really the new 52, I don't remember this

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I love what they did with the character,however I prefer the old character (and the older incarnation of the team to be frank) mainly because:

  • While this character (more like this team) has A LOT of potential,they really didn't do anything with the character.Whereas the older team had a lot done with them and I liked it.However,this new incarnation of the team.....nothing was done with them.They could've had the potential to supercede the old team.
  • There are so few members.Again,we could bring in Firebrand,Black Condor,Red Bee,etc etc....but again,nothing was done with this team.There are only like 3 freaking members
  • Lastly,they kinda dulled down Uncle Sam.I liked him more when he was a costume-wearing field leader.Not a leader behind-the-scenes.However,if they made a series (With Justin and Jim creating) they could've done something with the character (and the whole team) and he could've gotten his powers.
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@kidman560: Soon as possible I will updated!!

thanks bro planning on using her in a debate because she is just you know such a BA!

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