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- Agent Dunham was able to get Peter's credentials pushed through to make him a Civilian Consultant to the Department of Homeland Security and a member of the Fringe Division.
- Peter was born in 1978 and actually died in 1985. The Peter we all know and love is really from the parallel universe. After Peter died Walter crossed over into the parallel universe and abducted "Parallel-Peter" who was sick and dying as well. He cured him with methods he witnessed " Walternate" develop (but "
Walternate " didn't notice that it worked, he was distracted by the Observer and passed it off as another failed cure, but Walter seen and couldn't let his son die "again"), and after promising himself he was going to return him once cured, he just couldn't. And Peter grew up believing he was from here. But his mother knew the truth and just couldn't take it anymore, so she committed suicide. The truth eventually surfaced, and Peter was outraged with Walter. He was recently reunited with his real mother (Elizabeth) and father (Walternate) in the B-Universe...

American actor Joshua Jackson plays Peter Bishop in the TV serie.

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