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Pete Ricketts was just an ordinary crook, but one day an inventor's gadget fell out of his window. Pete ran off with it, though he didn't know the power it would give him. To him it was just an odd looking orange flashlight, until one day when he was being chased by some cops. He tripped, and the gadget fell out of his pocket and shone its light on the cops. In desperation, Pete shouted to the cops to stop. To his surprise, they did. He tried it again and found that they were forced to obey him. He used it in some petty crimes, but was not content. He wanted more, much more.

It just so happened that many miles away, ten crooks known as the "Top Ten" were trying to come up with a way to defeat the Justice League, offering a million dollars as prize money. When Pete heard the news, he was overjoyed. Wielding the Cyberniray and the element of surprise, he captured Hal Jordan and made him a helpless pawn in the greedy hands of crime. Then after displaying the mighty Green Lantern subjected to his will to the Top Ten, he used GL's signal device to lure Aquaman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, J'onn J'onzz, and Flash to the criminals' hideout and used the Cyberniray on them too, bringing them down to complete helplessness. The Ten had planned on finishing off the heroes right when they got them, but Pete had an crueler plan. He auctioned of the JLA to crooks, who used them to commit crimes! However, that failed, so the crooks went with the original plan. They had set up death traps for the members, which because they were subjected to the power of the Cyberniray, they couldn't use their powers to escape or help any of their fellow members. However, Snapper Carr came to the rescue and freed the JLA so they could use their powers to help each other escape and take down the now powerless crooks. It was also reveled that Snapper had used Doctor Destiny's anti gravity discs to fly to each of the places the heroes were competing to rob something first, and stole it himself so that the crooks wouldn't get them. The goods were returned later, Snapper proved his worth again, and the crooks were sent to jail!

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