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Long ago, Zorrm and the other Horsemen ruled Apokolips after the old gods died. What happened and how they were overthrown is unknown, but presumably has something to do with the rise of Darkseid and the New Gods.During that time, Zorrm was known as the lord of the age of fevers.


Pestilence was created by Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Geoff Johns, and Mark Waid in 52

Character Evolution

Pestilence is very ruthless and thinks he is superior to those around him. He often insults his opponents, as he is used to have subjects.

Major Story Arcs


Killed by Black Adam
Zorrm reborn

In 52, Zorrm, along with his brethren, Rogga, Yuurd and Azraeuz, was summoned and given new bodies by Chang Tzu and his science squad in order to take revenge on Black Adam. Pestilence launches plagues of various kinds all over Khandaq, occupying the Adam and Isis and bringing sorrow to the people and the Marvels. With Famine acting as an inside agent, the three Horsemen attacked the Black Marvel family. During the battle, Pestilence infuses Isis with his viruses, weakening her and making her easy picking for Death. Following Isis' death, the enraged Black Adam slaughters Zorrm along with the other Horsemen. Adam Kills Zorrm by shooting him with one of War's weapons.


Infecting Isis

However, the destruction of their bodies did not truly destroy the Horsemen, and soon they began to posses people in the ravaged nation of Bilaya, with Pestilence taking over, of all people, a doctor. The horsemen soon found new enemies in Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, who came to investigate the war-torn country. During this, Zorrm managed to infect Superman via a wound given to him by Famine. This wound would Superman for the duration of their campaign, paralyzing him with pain during battles.

With Death's power over the population of Bilaya, the Horsemen soon constructed New Bodies for themselves, and went to war. Rogga attacked Wonder Woman and Oolong island, where Veronica Cale and the science squad sought to create a device to destroy the horsemen for good. Yuurd moved against Superman, and Zorrm sought to finish off Batman and Snapper Carr, a Checkmate agent sent to help and spy on the heroes. During this time,

Beating on Batman

Batman uses the JLA transporters to teleport Zorrm to the moon, but this doesn't work as he not only teleports back, but also tracks the signal back to Batman and Snapper. However, Pestilence grew overly arrogant, not realizing he was not an Apokoliptian demigod anymore, and Batman was able to trick him and knock him out with a massive dose of morphine injected into this skin.

However this was not the end, as like before, Zorrm's spirit jumped into a new host body, this time using the infection plaguing

Exorcised out of Superman

Superman to take over the man of steel. But by that time the Oolong island scientists finally completed their device, and Veronica Cale was able to draw out and imprison Pestilence and the other Horsemen for good.

Powers and Abilities

Spewing toxins

Pestilence is a powerful demigod with various abilities befitting his name. First and foremost, Zorrm is keyed to spreading plagues, being a walking disease factory. He is capable of producing releasing numerous toxins and viruses which can give pause to beings as

Walking on the Moon

powerful as Isis or Superman.

Zorrm is also a physically formidable opponent. At one point he is teleported to the moon and back with no ill effects. However, he is seemingly not as powerful as the rest of his brethren as he can be knocked out with a substantial dose of morphine.

Pestilence can exert some sort of psychic control over viruses and diseases, directing them to attack individual targets. He is also capable of controlling plague carriers, such as rats and flees, and is capable of seeing through their eyes, making them formidable spies.

As powerful as he is, Zorrm's original Apokoliptian incarnation is said to have been much more powerful. We have never seen this version of Zorrm, or any other Horseman, however.

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