Morpheus as Perry White is amazing

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When I heard Mr. Fishburne was going to be in "Man of Steel" is was excited when I heard he was playing Perry White I was surprised but realized the two are a great match. I know Marvel and DC get crap about not having enough minorities or women as their stars, mainstays or "frontrunners" but I really like how Perry White, a white character for years, will be played by a black guy let alone by Morpheus himself. I've been reading comics for years and being white I find it odd some people are so bothered by racial or gender changes, I really like seeing this kind of change in classic characters or any character that is.I loved seeing Michael Clark Duncan as "Kingpin,"he is a great actor and fit the role physically perfectly (the Ultimate Universe really should have taken note and matched the portrayal) also Idris Elba as Heimdall was another great change.  Though some characters might be harder to accept or get used to, I suppose that may be why Miles Morales (the new Ultimate Spider-Man) has been in the news so much. I guess when a character has become so popular, iconic and famous changing them is considered blasphemy, characters like Batman, Superman or Captain America would be very hard to see as a minority since they have been around so long and have become established and iconic, it would be like McDonald's doing away with their golden arch or Target not using their target symbol anymore but sometime change can be hard to accept but I welcome it....most of the time. It's established characters like Spidey that create such buzz in the media and when a change occurs people freak, like giving Wonder Woman pants after all these years of bare legs (amongst other temporary costume changes) or years ago when Superman got his blue and white costume people freaked about their changes and those were only costume changes. Often change is feared and causes quite the outcry but sometime change is good I love Wonder Woman's pants look but hated the electric Superman look. I think it was kind of cool yet sad that Miles Morales as the new Spider-Man was a Yahoo! headline and was featured on several news networks (Lou Dobs show even...what a racist dosh bag) just because Spider-Man is black/Hispanic now. If you are reading this how did you feel about the news of Perry White, the new Spider-Man and how you feel about other changes to characters and such.

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