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656913 TheNewBlueBeetle007 Character Overview Added Danger Sense and Blast Power to the powers list. Updated some history, not too in depth but just a general idea of what happened. Also added enhanced time perception rate, as in the Last Olympian Blackjack was going at lightspeed and Percy was able to process it. I also added Blackjack as Paraphernalia, though I'm not sure he qualifies. 03/01/15 08:09PM 106 Approved
392233 TheTruthIII Character Overview 03/19/14 06:55PM 34 Approved
387396 Hwkfan296 Character Overview 03/12/14 06:21PM 18 Approved
382598 Hwkfan296 Character Overview 03/05/14 08:42PM 122 Approved
344117 kuonphobos Character Overview 01/21/14 04:51PM 2 Approved
223187 thesonofneptune101 Character Overview 09/25/13 08:41AM 1 Approved
130065 Midnight_Demon3453453 Character Overview I wrote the whole plot of The Mark of Athena on the wiki, and I also wrote down all 7 prophecies from the books. 06/28/13 09:54AM 583 Denied
128875 Midnight_Demon3453453 Character Overview This is the plot of The Mark of Athena 06/27/13 11:05AM 367 Denied
127390 Midnight_Demon3453453 Character Overview 06/26/13 08:20PM 8 Approved
6378 thesonofneptune101 Character Overview 03/31/13 05:07PM 15 Approved
6377 thesonofneptune101 Character Overview his height has been updated. 03/31/13 05:06PM 16 Approved
5639 thesonofneptune101 Character Overview Changed Origin and Height his Height was updated in The Mark of Athena. 03/31/13 01:11AM 0 Denied

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